We are very excited to announce a “Pool for Poosie” spaghetti dinner fundraiser on September 30, 2017, at 5pm. Along with a dinner, dessert, a no-host bar, raffle and auction, entertainment will be provided by Chico's own Smokey the Groove. This fundraiser is to help raise money for a therapy pool for Alexis Herrick. As many of you know, Alexis suffers from a devastating disorder call Rett Syndrome. You can learn more about Rett Syndrome here at www.rettsyndrome.org. To participate in the fundraiser, please click here to make a donation. For every $20 donated you will receive one ticket ($40=2 tickets, etc.). After you've made your donation, your name will be on a roster at the door of the event along with the number of tickets you purchased.

In the fall of 2016 Alexis (aka Poosie) was diagnosed with both scoliosis and kyphosis. Along with these two diagnoses, her spine is also twisting. Unfortunately, scoliosis is very common in girls with Rett Syndrome and if not treated could result in spinal fusion surgery, which would be particularly devastating for Alexis who loves to curl up in a ball in her favorite rocker/recliner.

Alexis’ Rett specialist, Dr. Mary Jones, would like to try and avoid that complicated surgery by using hydrotherapy to combat the effects of the kyphosis and scoliosis. She has seen great results in other girls using this approach. This pool will also serve dual purposes.

It would help to stop the progression of the scoliosis and kyphosis, and provide a place for Alexis to enjoy the summer as she can’t be outside in the heat of the summer due to an uptick in seizures when exposed to extreme heat. As you know, summers in Chico are very hot.

Alexis currently doesn’t have a pool and accessing public pools is difficult with incontinence issues and Alexis’ heat intolerance. Dr. Jones wrote a prescription for a therapy pool, but unfortunately it was denied by insurance, so we are teaming with Bowen Pools to build a pool that Alexis can access year around. Hence the “Pool for Poosie” fundraiser to help defray the costs of this pool.

Please feel free to email us at austinarialexismom@yahoo.com if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your generosity!


The Herrick Family

Han, Angela, Austin, Ariana, Alexis and Ava

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